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How to do it, Laundry?

First, when you get our product at your door

clothes are packed in the Cotton Pouch without plastic bag (domestic)

*International Order is packed with zipper-bag

all items included to avoid damages while it's delivering (*re-use zipper bag!)

1. How to Wash Cotton Clothes 

- sustainable fashion / homewear

Using washing machine is okay but

if you can do hand-wash, it's more than better!

- Put in laundry net and wash separately

if you wash first time. Strongly recommended!

- Use subacid detergent and water below 30º

- Don't use bleach (Softner is Okay)

- Dry under the shade in airy space

and Don't use dryer. (*it damages fabric & color)

*If you need a help, Contact US!
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