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Hope Fair on 25th, March @Avani Sukhunmvit Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Hello, Everyone! Nice to meet you all in our website I'm a creative director Sedam, from Korea. Really happy to see all peoples around the world in here to talk about sustainable fashion. Anything you want to ask about Brand or Design, freely contact to me via Instagram (@cestdam) or comment on my article, please! I'll write about our brand and product very closely from the sketch of idea to the way of presenting to customer :p

Yesterday was our first event on 2021 as Thailand couldn't avoid as well Covid-19 rising, most of events had have canceled since last December. Fortunately, Thailand has very few cases comparing with other countries, the Life still can be normal as usual but peoples are very very very caring to prevent spreading of virus. So, for us, this market was very precious time to meet customers one-by-one in real.

Hope Fair (Artisan / Eco-friendly Products, Designers)

Hope Fair is the small gathering of Artisans, Entrepreneurs & Designers and conscious shopping experiences while supporting underprivileged kids of Bangkok. Whoever comes to join & visit this fair, buying experiences will go to Artisan directly and help kids to access basic education. We, wearlesswear also joined with BDSC Interior Goods, on 25th March, Bangkok, Thailand.

Handmade Home & Interior Product from local community in Thailand and our beautiful home-wear brand WEARLESSWEAR was displayed together at Avani Sukhumvit Hotel. Rattan Slippers and new design Wood Plate was very popular at the market and Lemon Cream Color PJ was on best-selling too! Most of all, this was our first time join to Hope Fair it was really happy to talk with peoples who visited that day explaining our goal of business & why we don't give a plastic bag. Surprisingly, visitors had their own bag and some of them kindly told to us that they don't need more bags though.

During the market, we were also wearing mask all the time and used sanitizers to prevent Covid-19 spreading. All venues was very clean and tidy, it was really good environment to shop with family and friends in this hot season in Bangkok. Not only fashion products, but also worthy-to-buy gourmet products were in the market and kids' educational art package, playing books, natural deodorant... many quality products was in there. One of our favorite food was greek-style wrapping burger, it was so yummy & healthy food. Hope Fair is one day event open from 11am - 8pm.

How We Wear?

WEARLESSWEAR items are ethically made by local community from Chiagmai. We source everything from our factory to do not emit more Co2 and we don't leave any wastes in our factory (we'd rather to say "production room" as it's not mechanized.. ) To achieve our mission for realizing sustainable fashion, it takes 3 years to understand each other, to complete our total look!

Twinning Look : Short Sleeve + Jean

Ploy, Graphic Designer, is wearing WlW Short Sleeve Sunset Orange Color with mini-skirt and Mew, Marketing Director, is wearing WlW Baby Green with wide-flare Jean. Both are wearing our Up-cycling Leather Bag and coincidentally having twinning style at Hope Fair. Mew is already wearing Baby Green around an year, its color is naturally fade away bit, so it's more close to the last color palette of Baby Green if you were over 1 year.

Chic Look : Polo Shirts + Leather Skirt

Me, I'm wearing WlW Polo Shirts Wood Brown with Pencil Skirt made by Leather from 70's (my Mom gave it to me very long time ago). And styling with Convers to give the feeling not too feminine, not too serious. Our polo shirts made by very good quality of cotton fabric which is weaved by local maker. And we dyed Natural Color of Fabric to Wood Brown & Olive Green.

Where I take these Photos? Avani Hotel Toilet Room!! hahaha. It's well decorated room with aromatic scent and had so many mirrors. I don't doubt that peoples would take a lot of selfies here before too 🤣 This market had the best facilities we ever joined. So, whoever couldn't make to come here this time, you can come next time on May to participate in new way of consumption. Don't worry babes.

What do you want to hear from WlW?

We're trying to make new culture of fashion here in Thailand. As we manufacture our product here, as we can not travel easily like before, we're trying to focus on what we're doing right now and trying to make fast-fashion stop. For the better future, we need your help. That's why we're trying to meet at the market and explain how we do this.

Next event will be held on May,

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A Uniform from Nature

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Hope Fair (@thehopefair)

Avani Sukhumvit Hotel, BTS Onnut (exit 3)

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